The [Other] Collectors: Trainer EP

Concrete Plastic, 2006

Trainer cover

I haven’t been this excited about a 12-inch in ages! These four long dance tracks perfectly bridge old-school with new. It’s the first (limited) release on Concrete Plastic. The Collectors is Iain Law from Yunx, whose last album showed a real appreciation for dance history. First up is “Air Max,” a beautiful anthem with an old house bassline and hints of disco. It builds into a maze of acid bleeps while a slow melody of strings adds emotion and depth. “Waffle” has a lo-fi feel, with analogue electro synths at a house music tempo. “Stan Smith” is a jaw-dropping combination of live drumming and acid squelches over a thick bassline. Subtle vocal samples enhance the funky vibe. Finally, “Shell Toe” is a deep, dark Detroit-inspired house track. I haven’t heard synth sounds like this in years. The most amazing thing about this EP is that none of the four tracks are the slightest bit weak. Any one of them could fill a dance floor (now or twenty years ago). They’re instant classics.

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