Team Doyobi: “Mod Truckin’ “

Skam, 2003

“Mod Truckin’ ” cover

This 7″ sampler for Team Doyobi’s upcoming album Choose Your Own Adventure is a treat. “Mod Truckin’ ” is an unlikely combination of sounds, from distortion and static to 8-bit videogame-like electronics and shrill pitches. The B-side, with the unwieldy title “Incandesent VPO array 335.14 neo-STAK\\hazard in pipe GIVR\009679982210 air combat emulator” is along the same lines, although it has even higher pitches, some of which are rather grating. Nonetheless, these tracks are refreshingly original, and I’m looking forward to a longer release. Not to mention a reported 12″ with an Autechre mix on the horizon.

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  1. If you like IDM this is a treat.

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