Tadd Mullinix: Panes

Ghostly International, 2003

Panes cover

This album’s packaged in a simple cardboard sleeve covered with gold printing. The track names are almost illegible, and at first I wasn’t even sure who the artist was. Mullinex’s music is equally oblique. On the title track, a voice drones and crackles but is never quite understood. The electronics are muffled and distressed themselves. Think a cross between Pole and Underworld, believe it or not. The rest of the tracks are more subtle. On “Exchanging Modes,” a melody emerges from sputtering, staticky beats. “Alternating Currents” is simplistic, and perhaps almost unlistenable, with clicks and squelches over choppy, repetitive, panning notes. This is an interesting album. Just when a track seems too self-indulgent or algorithmic, Mullinex manages to work in a melody or other human touch.

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