Si-cut.db: Enthusiast

Bip-Hop, 2001

Enthusiast cover

Si-cut.db’s glitchy dub style may be reminiscent of Pole, but Enthusiast is still great music. These languid, confidently constructed tracks are rich with echoes and clicks. The first cut, “Contaminile 2,” is especially tasty, with deep, clear bass under lo-fi crackling and static bursts. A little melody surfaces at the end to reward the careful listener. “It Can End with a Letter” is another favorite, with minimalistic rhythmic variations that border on the hypnotic. This track is just the right length too. My appreciation of dub depends a great deal upon the mood I’m in when I hear it. Enthusiast is an album best played loud and late—perhaps in the car during a night drive. Just make sure you’re not lulled to sleep by the soothingly repetitive rhythms.

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