Shadow Huntaz: Vampire

Skam, 2004

It’s time for another blast of dope electronic hip-hop from Shadow Huntaz, an unlikely combination of American MCs and Dutch producers (the Funcken brothers). “Fasho” sets the tone, with smooth rhymes over Autechresque beats and bass. Eventually speedy 303 squelches form hypnotic acid over wisps of electro voices. “Dont got” [sic] is darker and slower with analogue-sounding keyboards and thick, grimy beats. The rap merges with the music perfectly, then distorts into a gravelly instrument. The title track is actually the weakest of the bunch; its nonsensical, repetitive rap is barely supported by burbly background noises. Rounding out this four-track EP is a remix of “Night” off Corrupt Data. Pulses of deep bass lurk under noisy bursts of electronics. I prefer the album version—its more subdued sounds better match the vocals. Shadow Huntaz’s excellent releases are just a small part of the Funcken brother’s prolific output. Also be sure to track down anything under their pseudonyms Funckarma, Math, Cenik, and Cane.

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