Shadow Huntaz: Valley of the Shadow

Skam, 2005

Valley of the Shadow cover

Shadow Huntaz continue their streak of solid releases. “2020” kicks off the album, with lyrics reminiscent of Deltron 3030. On “Massive,” the Funcken brothers’ bass-heavy break is wicked and futuristic, while the rap is thick and wordy. “Pevic” has nonsensical lyrics, but chopped-up vocal manipulation keeps things interesting. On “Radically” the MC literally drops science with phrases such as “pyroplastic flows like candles.” “Deander” features meandering reverbed vocals over an acid break. “The Nattie” is deep and funky with the refrain, “ice on my third eye, my mind starts shivering.”

As usual, there’s a dearth of liner notes here. Who’s rapping in French on “Solsa”? Shadow Huntaz are mainly an online collaboration. Non Genetic, Dream, and Breaff’s gritty vocals and the Funcken brothers’ elaborate, murky production combine for a very distinctive sound.

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  1. this hasn’t been released yet has it?

  2. It was supposed to be out, but it must have been pushed back. I haven’t seen a new date anywhere.

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