Savath & Savalas: Manana

Warp, 2004

Mañana cover

On this EP, Scott Herren (aka Prefuse 73) continues to explore Spanish folk music and psychedelia with his follow-up to January’s Apropa’t. Vocalist Eva Puyuelo Muns returns with beautiful, subdued singing in Catalan. The cover art by Maya Hayuk says it all—these dreamy soundscapes are sexy and stylized—a far-cry from Herren’s hip-hop inspired projects. On the other hand, there is plenty of unusual production. On “Interludio Incongreto,” Scott’s vocals are sampled and distorted into clips of sound. “Sota L’Aigüa” is more straight-forward pop, with a familiar-sounding melody over classical guitar and electronic beats. Demà VinorÀ has a lovely combination of stuttering electronics and brisk beats among Eva’s gentle vocal harmonies. “No Puedo de Cidir” is a short and sweet instrumental with wonderfully funky bass. Finally, “Equipatge de Flors Seques” is a meandering journey through pulses of strings, subdued synths, and Scott’s singing with an undercurrent of undecipherable voices swirling in a sonic sea. Sadly, Scott indicated on his Web site that this is probably his final collaboration with Eva. But what a farewell!

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