Quinoline Yellow: Cyriack Parasol

Skam, 2003

Cyriack Parasol cover

It’s another solid Skam EP that leaves me thirsting for more. The music is reminiscent of Bola or Autechre, but Quinoline Yellow’s got his own take. His beats are crunchy and textured, while the melodies are bell-like and sweet. Cichli Suite? Well, almost. But there’s a cinematic quality here that’s missing from Autechre’s oeuvre. Quinoline Yellow is just a bit more emotional, and in electronic music that’s never a bad thing.

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  1. sounds good, the lmw motors ep was really solid, when is this release out as i cant find it in my local shop..?
    cheers sam –

  2. I think it’s out on 8th September 2003. At least according to amazon that is. I didn’t realise it was another EP, I was hoping for a full-length.

  3. My press release just said September.

  4. Hmm, not sure where I got that date from. Looks more like 15th or even 22nd (SRD have it for release on 22/09/03).

  5. I’m listening to this right now at work. I kind of like their crunchy sound and the way they use the hat-like sounds. Pretty solid material. .kt

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