Quantazelle: Coaster

subVariant, 2004

Coaster cover

This is traditional IDM along the lines of Warp’s classic Artificial Intelligence series. Sometimes melodic, sometimes complex, the textures here are key. “It’s Fuzzbang” is slow-building with layers of repetitive synth patterns and beats. “Late Blazing Kinch Theme” is simple and bass-heavy. While the title “Wineglass Chopstick Clinkrush” sounds like an IDM parody, the track is actually a pretty combination of piano sounds and thumping beats. On “Belmont Killa,” bleeps and eighties keys meld perfectly with soulful vocal samples. There are a few misses here and there, but overall this is a decent debut. While the sounds here will be familiar to anyone who’s listened to electronic music in the past ten years, Liz McLean Knight has a solid grasp of the past, and I’m certain she has some surprises in store for the future as well.

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