Prefuse 73 feat. Ghostface and El-P: “HideYaFace”

Warp, 2005

“HideYaFace” cover

The first single off Prefuse 73’s upcoming album just hit the streets, and it’s a great appetizer—a sure sign Prefuse is starting to produce for the heavyweights. While Heron’s off-kilter break of beeps and clashing keys is too cheery and distracting to mesh with Ghostface and El-P’s vocals, it works well as an instrumental. The raps are better served by El-P’s thick rock-funk mix. A guitar riff and catchy vocal sample drive this uptempo version. Warns the chorus, “Hide your face! You’ve been drafting by the United States…. Oh great!” Some of the lyrics are amusing, but only in a desparate Dada sense. This is a battle rhyme that vents pent-up frustration. We need more angry tracks like this.

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  1. wud up jacob. I’de love to get my hands on this acapella, itsa shame it’s not included on the release. Prefuse 73s mix doesnt match the vocals, not sure what he was tryna do??? El-p’s fits perfectly, as both both vocals and instrumental deliver the same emotions. The acapella actually reminded me a lot of “wylin’ out” (which he produced about 4 years ago now) minus teh squelchy bassline and overall catchyness. Album is doomed to disapoint….

  2. **edit** the beat reminded me of “wylin’ out” not the acapella.

  3. I think you boys are missing the point…
    Prefuse 73 is one alias that Scott Herren goes under. Traditionally Prefuse 73 has been credited with highly skillful programming (thats when you need computers and samplers), as well as outstanding instrumental layering. My point? Prefuse 73 has ‘a sound’. It is so distinctive and well recognised that he is one of the few artists out there that does it so well. As can be heard on his EP, this is his dominant style- although im sure you didnt pay too much attention to those tracks.
    Granted Prefuse 73 is inspired by hip hop, but not so much dirty rude rapping. Its all in the beat for him and it is rare to hear a Prefuse 73 track with any distinguishable vocals at all. Furthermore if you consider that Scott Herren is also accountable for Savath & Savalas, Piano Overlord and La Correction, you will see that such use of vocals is far from his norm.
    So all i can say is that Prefuse 73 is not suited to such aggressive lyrics. He’s from the wrong side of town if you expect this lyrical outbust to continue. Get over it, this is true contemporary music.
    Album will be interesting, only if he continues along his traditional line of Prefuse 73…

  4. ^ yes and no. Prefuse has created some great beats for rappers. ie. 360degrees remix, wylin’ out original, even blacklist.
    This one just isnt up to snuff. word

  5. I’ve got no problem with his sound when used appropriately (see my other reviews). I just hope he doesn’t go the way of DJ Vadim and just do vocal tracks….

  6. After hearing the new Prefuse 73 album, I must say I was a bit disappointed. It’s cool, but definately doesn’t hold anything to One Word Extinguisher.

  7. “hideyaface” is a an over all dirty ass mutha fuckin banger.. could care less about you if you didnt like it… at first i wasnt feeling the instrumentle in the for ten secaonds.. but the layering of all the other samples is fantastic and turns the beat into not only something you would expect to hear El-p on, but something you would expect to hear Ghostface on or other Wu affiliates.. Basically i wouldnt wanna hear the track any other way.. nuff stars. ****

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