Point B: A Previous Version of Myself

SCSI-AV, 2006

This debut album from Point B starts softly, then kicks in with a bang. “Split” provides the first jolt of electro, with some definite Autechre influences. An evil music box joins in near the end. “In Time I Will” has more of a jazzy feel, with prominent drums, dramatic bass, and squelchy static. It reminds me of Tipper. “Glint,” on the other hand, features a fast, rattling beat with atonal electronic accompaniment.

A few of the album’s middle tracks are non-descript, but “Stg” stands out. Weird warbling bass provides an original sound, and there’s even some scratching. It all breaks down with bells in the second half. “I Used to Hold Things Close” is slow and meandering IDM. It’s a departure from what I normally associate with SCSI-AV.

Point B’s style is somewhat indistinct, but there are some nice moments here. A Previous Version of Myself should make for pleasant, hazy summer listening.

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