Paul St. Hilaire: Adsom

False Tuned, 2006

Adsom cover

Paul St. Hilaire’s smooth voice is familiar to Burial Mix fans. Adsom is his second album on False Tuned, and it’s better than the first; the production seems a tighter match. This is lush, soulful digital roots.

On “Little Song,” St. Hilaire strolls along a beautiful bassline, whisper-singing, “Check some dub style.” “Praise” is thick with guitar and panning pulses. It’s deep, deep roots. “Office” is an odd, off-kilter cut with samples swirling and St. Hilaire deejaying.

My favorite track, “Humble,” begins with organ washes then turns dark and evocative with spacious reverb and gritty surface noise. St. Hilaire’s spoken word assures, “The earth belongs to the meek, the Almighty says so.” “Fortunate” is a catchy yet powerful song about the haves and have-nots.

This is a gorgeous album from start to finish. Analogue and electronic instruments meld seamlessly while St. Hilaire’s versatile voice soothes, awakens, and captivates.

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