Various: opensource.code

Source Records, 2002

opensource.code cover

In this issue of the Opensource series, the heavyweights of German minimalism lay down a series of delicious exclusive tracks. Akufen sets the tone, with bleeps over thick bass on “Synthaxis 2.” A quirky little melody forms from the interacting rhthmic elements. Jan Jelinek’s “Music to Interrogate by” has soft, bell-like tones over a driving, repetitive bassline. “Nocturne” by Bton is almost jazzy, with electronics mimicking a muted trumpet on top of keyboard chords and droning bass. Thomas Brinkmann’s composition is disappointingly simple in light of his recent experiments with voices. But Monolake’s “White II” is nice and atmospheric, with odd echoes fading in and out of the background. “Linienbusse” by Studio Pankow is even more hypnotic, with scattered piano over rumbles, clicks, and dopplering tones. This is what Clicks & Cuts 2 should have been—a more soulful minimalism.

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