Ola Bergman: The Satellite City

New Speak, 2005

Bergman may be best-known for his tracks on Skam’s SMAK series, but over the past few years he’s released three sought-after vinyl EPs. The Satellite City features tracks from all three, sometimes in new versions.

Bergman uses old-school electronics to create lush melodies. The occasional glitch or shuffling beat contrasts with these older sounds. On “Vällingby,” keyboards flit over a dance bassline. “Fivecast” sounds like ’80s Juan Atkins but for an unconventional rhythm, while “Panettone” is melancholy despite being uptempo. The title track off the Pseudocarp EP has warm, analogue synths. My favorite cut is “Otra Vuelta.” A simple pattern squelched by a robotic synthesizer interacts with treble notes to form a sweet melody over a catchy beat.

This music sounds best late at night. With hints of electro and New Wave, it’s both DJ- and headphone-friendly.

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