Ochre: Lemodie

Benbecula, 2006

Lemodie cover

Ochre is Chris Leary, whose previous album, A Midsummer Nice Dream, appeared on Toytronic in 2004. Lemodie is in much the same style, with lush, melodic electronics. This album will leave you wanting more. “111” sets the perfect tone, with delicate strings taking over half-way through. My favorite track is “Infotain Me.” Harp glissandos move between speakers over a powerful bassline. Gradually the theme builds and expands (though the last couple of minutes are largely redundant). “Open Top” features disembodied TV samples over Boards of Canada-like analogue synths and vocoder. “Vegas” has hints of funky guitar. It’s a downtempo piece that reminds me of Boulderdash. Leary uses many of the same sounds as other downtempo artists, but his melodies are fresh and the production is all top-notch. I’d love to hear him explore more unusual instrumentation.

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  1. The second-last track, Bluebottles, is truly astounding. Genius arrangement and songwriting here.

  2. I have to agree, in terms of originality, arrangement and diversity within one track (which Chris Leary excels at), Bluebottles is my favourite track of the album.

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