N.ln: Astronomy for Children

Highpoint Lowlife, 2003

Astronomy For Children cover

N.ln’s electronic music is fresh and melodic. On “This Morning,” synthesizers bleep over big beats, forming a rambling, upbeat groove. “4 Little Fires” has luxurious bass with noisy beats reminiscent of Chiastic Slide-era Autechre. Which isn’t to say it’s derivative—it’s got atmospheric depths that Ae’s machine-hop constructions never attained. “Spoke Words” features swirling sweeps of sound over a snare march. It’s a dramatic combination, although the track peters out towards the end. “I Never Heard” has an analogue synthesizer-sounding melody amidst squelchy electronic noises and clicky percussion. Another favorite, “That Spun My Head,” has a Boards of Canada feel to it, with disembodies voices and a slow-building melody over hip-hop beats. All in all, this is an exceptional release. N.ln has created a new sound which, though informed by the past, is beautiful and interesting in its own right.

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