Next Life: Electric Violence

Cock Rock Disco, 2006

Electric Violence is Next Life’s first release and reveals and revels in an amazing new sound that broadens Cock Rock Disco’s roster and serves as a hint where the label might go in the future if the market permits (i.e. all over the place!). I can hear you wondering out loud, “Amazing new sound? And how does it really sound, this new sound?” Well, it sounds like sparkling manic thrash-metal guitar stabs and simple but ultra-effective Casio beat programming sewn together by Nintendo hallucinogenic riffery and spiced by screeching and screaming in Japanese (apparently all lyrics are taken from videogames). Sounds crazy? It is. It is also ADD friendly, energetic, and highly addictive.

Next Life was founded in 1999 by Hai Nguyen Dinh (concept, video, guitar), and these days is a two-three member affair, with Tormod Christensen (Casio) and Katrine Bølstad (singing, screaming, choreography), joining Hai live. Electric Violence is simply one of the best hybrids of electronic and hard metal music I’ve ever laid my hands on.

*Two tracks here, Under Water and Storm, are delightful arpeggiated oases of peaceful beauty that made me think of (yes) Ray Lynch’s album Deep Breakfast.

*Personal note: when I listen to this I think of people spontaneously combusting in the middle of a packed Shibuya Crossing.

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