Multiplex: Mixt

Senton, 2002

Somehow Multiplex has put together one of the most impressive remix albums since Nav Katze’s Never Mind the Distortion. Herrmann & Kleine kick things off with a textured, simple drone. Funckarma’s remix of “Always Within You” is more complex, with crunchy beats and a sweet melody. EU’s version of “Neuteq” is similarly rich and pleasing. Isan mixes “Secrete” into a melodic, glitch-filled dream, while Monolake’s remix of “Vortak2” sounds like it could be an original Monolake track. It’s rhythmic and minimal, with a swirling sound in the background. Other contributors include Animals on Wheels, Kettel, Lackluster, and Phonem. This is one all-star cast which does not disappoint.

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