Mr. Projectile: “Momentary Lapse Of Sensitivity”

Semisexual, 2005

Here’s a new 12-inch from former fellow Santa Fean Matt Arnold (no relation). While I found his Sinking album on Merck rather disappointing, these two tracks have such beautiful moments they almost bring tears to my eyes. On the A-side, wind-like voices drift behind a morphing, off-kilter beat. Subtle bass pulses complete the effect—a perfect combination of hip-hop and ambience. (This track is also on the Hazardous Materials compilation.) On the B-side, the playfully titled “Everything Will Be OK, But Not Awesome” starts extremely softly. Long, bristly notes gradually gain beats and bass, then a gentle melody emerges. It’s an epic, cinematic track that reminds me why I started listening to electronic music in the first place. This is one slab of vinyl you don’t want to miss.

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