Modeselektor: Boogybytes Vol. 03

BPitch Control, 2007

Boogybytes Vol. 03 cover

Great DJ mix CDs are few and far between, but this is one of them. Starting with a hilarious intro by an electronic music hater, Modeselektor have crafted a beautiful journey through a wide range of styles. First up are downbeat melodies courtesy of Siriusmo and The Detroit Experiment. Then there’s grime from Spank Rock, dubstep from Burial, and techno via an obligatory Carl Craig remix. There’s even classic IDM—the “µ-ziq Theme” sounding surprisingly fresh juxtaposed with an Errorsmith DJ tool and Radiohead’s electronica-informed “Idiotheque.” The mix is smooth (Ableton Live, I presume) and moves along at a brisk pace. This is truly a celebration of all thing electronic, proving once again that the dancefloor need not bore chin-strokers.

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