Various: Lily of the Valley

Schematic, 2001

Schematic’s latest comp., Lily of the Valley, puts naysayers to rest with its brilliant (if a bity uneasy) juxtaposition of noise and melodies. Richard Devine’s “Antracite T. Vari” sets the pace with barely-intelligible electronic rattlings which congeal into soft, ghostly chimes and Plaid-esque bass by the seven-minute mark. “Saigon” by Delarosa & Asora envelops listeners in intoxicatingly simple electronics. Takeshi Muto’s “Rotea” seems a bit deeper, with a trance-inducing repetitiveness Richie Hawtin would envy. The second Delarosa & Asora track, “Lily’s Theme,” hits the mark with more subtle vocal samples, crunchier beats, and a finer bassline. Even if Autechre-style beats aren’t your bag, at least grab this collection for its hip Designers Republic cover art.

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