KT’s 2005 Top Ten


  1. Abelcain: Pantheon of Fiends 2LP (Zhark)
  2. AZ-Rotator: Science of Chance (Ad Noiseam)
  3. Binray: Cederoth Bloodstopper MP3 (Entity)
  4. Doormouse: Stanley Yershinowski Presents… Xylophone Jism as The Ridiculator
    (Cock Rock Disco)
  5. Eels: Blinking Lights and Other Revelations 2CD (Vagrant)
  6. Esplendor Geométrico: Anthology 1981-2003 2CD (Geometrik)
  7. Mutamassik: Definitive Works (Sound-Ink)
  8. Phthalocyanine: No One Said You Didn’t (Planet Mu)
  9. Sickboy: Into Oblivion (Mirex)
  10. Terminal 11: Illegal Nervous Habits (Cock Rock Disco)
  11. Ultralyd: Chromosome Gun (Load)
  12. Venetian Snares: Rossz Csillag Alatt Született (Planet Mu)

Singles & EPs

  1. Drumcorps: Rmx or Die 10″ (Kriss)
  2. Electric Kettle: Drunk & Disorderly 12″ (Combine)
  3. DJ Rainbow Ejaculation & Passenger of Shit: Untitled 12″ (System Corrupt)
  4. Poncho Nightmare: Suckin Off the Devil with the Lord in Your Ass 7″ (Addict)


  1. Can Buy Me Love (Couch Fort)
  2. Invasion from xXx Dimesion (Peace Off)
  3. Tsunbosajiki (Renda)

Best Live Act

  1. ZUINOSIN (Osaka, De-fragment)
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