King Tubby: The Roots of Dub and Dub from the Roots

Moll-Selekta, 2003

The Roots of Dub and Dub From the Roots cover

This classic pair of albums from 1974 and 1975 finally get a complete re-release. Not only that, they get a remastering—and they sound great. This is King Tubby at his prime, with luscious basslines and rhythms snuggled in layers of reverb and echo. The liner notes reveal that a dub album was virtually unheard of at the time since these tracks were all B-sides. Tubby was always an innovator, and his music is timeless. Ghostly vocals fade in and out of dub depths, revealing mixing board textures and rich analogue distortion. Thank goodness so many dub originals are getting attention from European labels.

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