John Tejada: “Eurotunnel”/”Calibration”

~scape, 2006

Tejada is a prolific producer, but I find much of his music to be simple. On this 12-inch, however, simplicity works to his advantage. This is groovy minimal techno (which seems to be undergoing a revival of late).

On “Eurotunnel,” synths writhe over a bass drum. It’s all very DBX-ish. Bell tones at the end are icing on the cake. “Calibration” features descending clock chimes over a funky bassline. The track builds with lovely bells and melody. This one actually reminds me of brown-album-era Orbital, but it’s not derivative.

I notice Tejada’s been releasing a slew of singles lately on Palette and Poker Flat. I’ll have to see if they’re in a similar style. This record is really quite nice.

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