Jimmy Edgar: Bounce, Make, Model

Warp, 2004

Bounce Make Model cover

On his second Warp EP, Jimmy Edgar branches out from hip-hop-inspired grooves, infusing his slick production with a house motif. First up is “I Wanna Be Your STD,” with monotone vocals and cringe-worthy lyrics. (What an unfortunate metaphor!) But the burbling background synths are interesting. Likewise, “Beau,” “LBLB Detroit,” “Uniform (Citation),” and “Sheer, Make, Serve” have a downtempo club feel, with swirling keyboards over lazy beats. They’re good, but have similar sounds. “Inner Citee Color Reprise” offers a return to uptempo beats and scratching a la Access Rhythm, with a speedy keyboard line and an airy electric guitar-style solo. Like Jimi Tenor, Edgar (no relation) tends to be poppier than most traditional Warp acts. But his music is not without its moments. It’s just that his last EP was a lot funkier.

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  1. This record sounds forced and has a very lowbrow musicanship going on in it.. i think he needs to step back and learn a few things about theory..he will never be an afx he will never be a boc.. go back to the drawling board….its poppy crap..

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