Jello: “Chamchimzee”

Peacefrog, 2002

Chamchimzee cover

This 12″ is a bit of an odd duck. On one side, Jello (aka Bola) offers a noisy electro-inspired track with churning bass, swirling electronics, and burbling vocals. On the reverse is a short piano piece by Autechre. And I mean actual piano, not an electronic approximation of one. Autechre’s “Ultramatique 6 Mix” is heavy on the sustain pedal, but a bit light on melody. Nonetheless, it makes for a good interlude. True trainspotters will search for one of the limited-edition promo copies on white vinyl. Whatever its color, this release is worth tracking down for the Jello track, although all but the most hardcore Autechre fans (like me) might be disappointed with the B side.

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