Jan Jelinek avec The Exposures: La Nouvelle Pauvrete

~scape, 2003

La Nouvelle Pauvreté cover

While most ~scape releases are minimalist dub, this one has jazzy, melodic elements. There are still rumbling basslines and percolating beats, but there’s also slow, playful vibes and scratchy old samples. “Music to Interrogate By,” for instance, is a dark and mysterious groove with crackles of fading applause and a rich, repetitive bassline. And it’s catchy too. The middle tracks are more low-key, with swirling ambience and the occasional soft voice. But “If’s, And’s and But’s” [sic] is downright funky, its simple melody emerging nearly three-and-a-half minutes in. This is one of the few “clicks and cuts” releases with some soul.

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