Innerstance.Beatbox: “Tekniques”

Consumers Research and Development, 2006

Tekniques cover

IBB shows his skill as a producer on this new CD/vinyl single (out May 1). The centerpiece is “Tekniques,” a funky, clubby tune featuring a rap by Kerse. (There are street, radio, and instrumental versions for maximum programming flexibility.) Kerse spits rhythmic verses, lauding technique over bling. On the flip is “Angel Bomb” featuring Lunaversol9 on vocals. It’s a jazzy, loungey number that’s fun, if a bit lightweight. Innerstance.Beatbox (Jason Todd) displays his talent on electric piano, bass, and alto saxophone. My favorite track is actually “Blue Skies Grey.” J. Todd plays guitar and turntables, building up thick layers of sound. This piece is most similar to his work on Your Eyes Are Like UFOs, My Darling. IBB is one of those artists who provides home listening bliss as well as DJ fodder. Let’s face it, this guy is good!

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