Various: Infiltrate 5.0 (5 Years of Resistance)

Rice and Beans, 2003

The Beta Bodega collective continues its tradition of politically conscious electronica and hip-hop with this 12″. Their message is subtle, but the music is cutting-edge. This is an incredibly solid EP. Proem’s “Permanent on Most Surfaces” is wonderfully complex and atmospheric down to its low notes. “Resistance” by Serum & Evolver is hip-hop with smart, smooth lyrics. There are two versions, both with catchy breaks. Plex’s remix features looped classical music samples to good effect. Next up, “Sattva Guna (Make It Happen)” by Supersoul (feat. Judah Manson & Cyne) is another well-produced rap. Finally, “Tracks” by Induce is the best trip hop I’ve heard in years. Soulful breaks and appropriate samples make for a fun downtempo ride. It’s a wonder Beta Bodega-related releases are so consistently good.

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