Various: Heavy Meckle

Shadetek, 2006

Heavy Meckle cover

UK grime reminds me of Miami bass. The rhymes tend to be simple and macho, the beats are hard and heavily synthesized, and the whole scene has a home-made feel to it. This new compilation on Shadetek offers two mixes, one by Sheen, the other by Matt Shadetek, with lots of freestyling by Jammer and the Neckle Camp (Flamin, Knuckles, Al Blaze, and Spooky) over top. Ears “hosts,” talking up the comp. The forty-one cuts these MCs rhyme over were concocted by dozens of producers. Brutal synths, video game bleeps, and occasional samples burst in and out, mixed with the speed of a DJ with ADD. At one point Lethal B even freestyles over Kylie Minogue. I have a feeling this music can only truly be appreciated live. I can picture a packed club, with MCs bouncing off stage and getting in people’s faces. For an American like me, these energetic mixes offer a window to a whole other world.

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