Freeform: Condensed

Nonplace, 2003

Condensed cover

This is a rather odd release. Basically, Burnt Friedman created and compiled reinterpretations—remixes, really—of thirteen Freeform tracks. Freeform, aka Simon Pyke, is one of the best electronic musicians to emerge from the mid-’90s, but his music’s been largely overlooked, perhaps because it’s been published on small labels. Though this is billed as a mix, it’s not always continuous. Friedman’s edits make the tracks shorter and generally more accessible. Occasionally the changes are quite drastic—“Foil” is stuttered so much that is loses its original funkiness. Extra melodic elements are added throughout, and everything benefits from a thorough remastering. But if you like what you hear, it’s worth checking out Freeform’s full-length albums—especially his recent Audiotourism releases and the 2002 masterpiece Human. Thankfully, although Pyke isn’t an electronic music superstar (yet), his work is readily available.

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