Ellen Allien: TimeOut presents The Other Side Berlin

Deaf Dumb + Blind, 2007, CD & DVD

The Other Side Berlin cover

This DVD is much better than anything you’ll see on the Travel Channel. DJ, musician, and BPitch Control-founder Ellen Allien takes viewers on a personal tour of her favorite Berlin hang-outs. Her approach is relaxed but enthusiastic as she visits record stores, a yoga studio, and even war-time bunkers. Allien and her friends discuss the spirit of the city, from rogue flower planters to dilapidated bridges, currywurst, and Richie Hawtin’s favorite pick-up methods. It’s an enjoyable hour, with Allien’s music and thoughtful narration (in both English and German) throughout. Other featurettes offer video tours of shops and nightspots without audio narration. An added bonus is a CD of Berlin-related music selected by Allien, encompassing David Bowie, Rhythm & Sound, Plastikman, and Monolake. Unfortunately it’s unmixed but for slight overlaps. Now I’ve got to go to Berlin!

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