Pedro: Early Pedro

Melodic, 2005

Early Pedro cover

Pedro follows up on an amazing remix EP with a collection of his first three EPs. These tracks are more complex than most of the folk-influenced electronica they inspired. On “Lay Down Mega Man,” soft lo-fi melodies drift over a silty hip-hop beat. “Repent” is sweet and laid-back with acoustic guitar and melancholy horns. “Field Angels” steps up the computer manipulation with clattering electronics over a piano loop. The tracks from Pedro’s Chapel Was My Dream EP are more subdued, almost to the point of fading away. On “Koolhaas,” the beat sounds like it was filtered through an AM radio. Next up from Pedro vs Kathryn Williams, chopped-up female vocals punctuate the short “Demons in Cases.” “To Lie Here and to Not Go Out” is the most slickly produced track on the EP. It’s almost indie rock in style, featuring sumptuous singing by Kathryn Williams. This collection emphasizes Pedro’s breadth. He was one of the first to combine electronics with folk elements, and he’s still growing as a musician. This is great, essential music.

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