E.Moss: Beatboxes at Dawn

Consumers Research and Development, 2006

Beatboxes at Dawn cover

Atmos producer E.Moss’s brand of trip-hop would fit right in with the classic Ninja Tune roster. He kicks off this EP with a Style Wars sample, before launching into the scratch-happy “Imperius Rex.” Old-school beats and samples combine for a cut-up intro that would make Coldcut proud. “Your Life Right Here” reminds me of early DJ Shadow, with a collage of dramatic (sometimes off-key) samples over a hard beat. On “Chopin Beats & Droppin Brahms,” orchestral samples glide over stuttering drums. Scott Matelic delivers a remix, letting the beats build. Lessons legend Steinski reconstructs “Back to the Edit,” with partial rap verses over laid-back percussion. This is a promising solo debut. It’s been a while since I’ve heard this style; too many experimental producers have stopped making instrumental tracks.

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