Dual Purpose: Runfastmaybefaster

30 Mil, 2003

This is one intense 12″. The title track has slow, muffled vocals over a bass-heavy hip-hop groove. “Lickedlonger” features the same voice over a fierce stuttering beat. On the B-side, “Colex” is a slightly grating combination of rambling percussion and distorted synth notes. Next “Rubbaband” is an amazing, epic piece with repetitive string samples and a driving beat. It’s addictive and Autechresque. Dual Purpose is rumored to be a Gescom-related project, and sure enough, “Lickedlonger” has the same rhythm as the megamix on ISS:SA. This EP’s been on my turntable a lot for the past month or so. It’s a killer set of tracks.

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