Donnacha Costello: 6×6=36

Minimise, 2006

6x6=36 cover

This CD collects three 12-inches of minimalist techno. There are six six-minute tracks composed in six days in Costello’s Dublin studio. On “6.1,” drums, sprongs, and vinyl pops accompany a bouncing techno beat. It’s actually a fairly busy composition. “6.2” rattles along with dopplering clicks and robot-like responses. It’s catchy and alien. “6.4” has a similar effect, but adds digital wind towards the end. “6.5” is a quiet pulse with some high-pitched whistles. Finally “6.6” samples a strange short story. A male voice repeats, “Well, that’s enough.”

While all of these tracks are well-produced, they don’t strike me as especially original. I think they’d make great DJ tools, but for home listening they’re just so-so. I wish they were either more minimal and experimental, or more melodic and complex.

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