Disco Nihilist

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Buy Diazepam Next Day Love What You Feel, 2009

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This 12″ is the first release on a new label run by pipecock from Infinitestatemachine. It’s acid through and through, reminiscent of Tin Man, if a bit simpler at times. A1 sets the tone, with a bubbly acid bassline, a basic melody, and dry snares. A2 adds chord pulses to 303 squelches. I wish it were longer with more percussion. B1 is even better, with a synth undercurrent and old-school claps and cowbells. B2 is hard but short. It’s got a nice pattern that could be developed a bit more with a remix. This is a fun release, but more importantly, I hope it is just the beginning for both Disco Nihilist and Love What You Feel.

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