“Disco-Tech” was a newsletter edited by Rufus Smith of the Disco-Chicago record pool. The following excerpts from the July/August 1975 issue (originally posted to DiscoMusic.com) are revealing.

The introductory notes congratulate the New York Record Pool (founded by David Mancuso), while noting that Disco-Chicago’s pool was first.

One of the contributing editors is Rocky Jones, who would go on to create house music label D.J. International.

The club reports contain charts from nearly two dozen different discos including Dugan’s Bistro, home to influential early hot mixer Lou DiVito (more information coming soon); Den I, where Ron Hardy would later spin; and Castle in the Sky, mentioned by Robert Williams as being inspired by his Warehouse parties (which are conspicuously absent).

While these charts pre-date Frankie Knuckles’ arrival in Chicago, they list a number of tunes that would be associated with the Warehouse and the Music Box ten years later. In particular, check out Artie Feldman’s selections at Den I, including “Do It Any Way You Wanna,” “Bad Luck,” “Free Man,” “Forever Came Today,” and “It Only Takes a Minute”!

Also of note, a chart from recent Gridface interviewee Sim Garrett at the Golden Fork. If anyone has more information on Rufus Smith, or more issues of his newsletter, please get in touch.

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  1. Very important and revealing documents for our history. Thank you for posting.

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