Dino Felipe: Xanaconversex

Schematic, 2002

Xanaconversex cover

This is a quirky EP. At first I wasn’t sure what to make of its nine short tracks; however, on further listeniing, I discovered little melodies buried here and there. For instance “Slutt Petal (2 Crunch)” has a simple tune intertwined with its echoey beat and stutters of noise. While some of the tracks are downright difficult to listen to, with grating screeches and atonal beeps, other compositions reveal a nostalgic 8-bit aesthetic. Think of malfunctioning arcade games. (The joysticks in the cover art suggest the same.) And there are moments of real beauty, like the atmospheric “Sexual Boats (Guitars Float).” It’s an intriguing release, and one that demands repeated listens.

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