Crunch: 1

Musik Aus Strom, 2001

1 cover

This album is supposedly by a mystery artist. Whoever Crunch really is, these tracks are mighty tasty. There’s evidence of some well-known influences here, Autechre and Funkstörung especially. Nonetheless, the melodies are original and quite nice. “Pollen,” for example, offers a hip-hop-inspired beat, the occasional crunch of static, and a sweet tune. “Stemitil” rattles along at a faster pace with a burbling bassline and complex clatterings. “Art Pylon” is my favorite track, with the finest bass I’ve heard in ages, and an alien popping sound straight out of Star Trek. “Welt” is also very enjoyable as electronics warble over a hauntingly melancholy melody. 1 is a cohesive collection of deep, dark music. Perhaps because it sounds so familiar, this album makes me feel at home.

Editor’s Note: It’s fairly well-known now that Crunch is Dave Tipper and Mike Wallis.

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