Various: The Cozmick Suckers Volume Black and White

Shitkatapult, 2002

The Cozmick Suckers Volume Black and White cover

Although the name of this Berlin label had me thrown off for a while, this volume of their Cozmick Suckers series is quite good. The first cut, “Art to Dance” by Rechenzentrum vs. Column One, reminds me of recent Mouse on Mars output, with ska-like rhythms and quirky electro voices; however, most of the rest of the comp. is more traditional electronica. Kyborg’s “Harz” is dark and brooding, with squelchy synth stabs over clicky percussion. It’s a good-sounding track. “Rambaustein” by Apparat is more melodic, with little panning stutters of sound over a busy beat. “Suber” by Sami Koivikko is another favorite; its swirling synths and driving four-on-the-floor percussion remind me of Kenny Larkin. Finally, Napoli is Not Nepal contributes a nice, jazzy, downtempo composition with some acoustic bits. Now that I’ve discovered this volume, I’m going to keep an eye out for the other colors.

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