Christ.: Metamorphic Reproduction Miracle

Benbecula, 2003

Metamorphic Reproduction Miracle cover

Following his excellent Pylonesque EP, Christ. delivers a deliciously downtempo full-length. The opening tracks are mellow and subdued; “Lazy Daisy Meadow’ features vocoder voices and delicate synths, while “Dianoes Noveau” offers deep bass and an incredibly simple melody. Next up, “Eezeebreez” is all drama. In fact, most of these tracks are more atmospheric than melodic. While some of them beg for Boards of Canada comparisons (“Fantasy Light” especially), there are plenty of original ideas. Christ. seems willing to explore more varied themes than BoC. Think less children, more discord. Christ.’s accessible compositions for analogue synthesizers and hip-hop beats make for a relaxing summer LP.

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