Cane: Scint EP

Creative Space Records, 2007

Think of Cane as the Funckarma equivalent to Aphex Twin’s Analord project. In other words, it’s the Funcken brothers’ outlet for chunky, funky acid tracks. This 12-inch from Greece’s Creative Space Records is the best installment to date. On “Site,” lo-fi bleeps build, then morph into voice-like squiggles. Eventually rolling bass underscores a dark 303 break-down. “Pine Seamon” is harsher and busier, but at the end it loses structure. The title track is an intense exercise in squelch. It reminds me of old-school Plastikman, but about three times busier. “Dained Grime” is my favorite track of the bunch. Atmospheric bleeps are perfectly balanced by grumbling bass and sweeps of noise. It’s a meticulously structured, perfect late-night experience.

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