Bovaflux: Where There Was Nothing

Highpoint Lowlife, 2005

Where There Was Nothing cover

While Bovaflux’s debut struck me as rather retro, his first non-CD-R release offers an updated sound. “Blind” is a brooding introduction with very deep bass, glitchy rattles, and a simple melody. On “Ohne Namen” electronics meander over a hip-hop beat. “Bridge” is more complex. It’s joyous and melodic with stuttered drum-and-bass beats. (It reminds me a bit of Kettel.) “Kleine” (also on the LE:01 comp.) is charming, with organic noises and a graceful tune. “McDowall Imprecision” is another downtempo composition with airy keybards over a deliberate bassline. I wish it were even longer. Bovaflux has come a long way in three years. This is a special album, consistently beautiful from beginning to end.

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