Binray: Cederoth Bloodstopper

Entity, 2005

Cederoth Bloodstopper cover

It was about time for me to turn my ears to the absolute awesomeness that is the Entity net label. Based in Belgium, Entity embraces a Creative Commons License policy and serves as a refuge for those really experimental music makers of the world who share a certain disregard for the capitalist commodification of music (all music is legal, free of charge, copyrights belong to the respective authors, no money is involved for us to run away with or for you to spend). It favors the dark sci-fi manic hyperbeat glitchspace, with a penchant for sound design per se. Entity has been releasing great and complex electronic music for more than two years now: albums and EPs by the likes of Blaerg, Undecova, Kabin Yield, Autopsy Protocol, and the collaborative project E Phalanx (featuring changing members Xanopticon, UndaCova, Kaebin Yield, Erratic, Chango Feo and Subskan, among others). The label is now expanding with a “micro-release for donators” program while keeping with the free releases at a good pace. One of its latest offerings (the 33rd) is Cederoth Bloodstopper by Bristolian sonic speleologist Binray, whom we last heard from in 2004 with his Hyena Ventilator EP on ZOD records.

Cederoth Bloodstopper’s seven tracks take you deep into the meandering structures of Binray sequencing. This is the perfect soundtrack for a trip through your own viscera: cavernous and sinuous, you never know where the next turn will drop you. “Mondieuilpleut” uses rain as a mantle on which the track develops and constantly morphs with the intensity of the pouring. “Wraith” takes human throat/larynx/mouth sounds to a new level, and “Namebrand Gun” delivers a mutant outgrowth of sped-up hip-hop-ragga as heard on the 10th dimension. Entity describes the album as “freestyle polymorphic alien braindance,” and it is a fit description. Totally awesome free music. Download!

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