Automotive: The Digil Parker Project

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Buy Phentermine Prescription Online Couchblip, 2006 Add Automotive to the Funcken brothers’ ever-expanding list of aliases. This project allows the Funckens to experiment with acoustic instruments, especially electric bass, soprano saxophone, and guitar. Thankfully they avoid the popular faux-folk style. On “Funparr,” a think bassline interplays with lazy interpretations of a simple melody. It’s difficult to tell where the electronic manipulation begins. “Orirac” has an even nicer bassline, but the saxophone veers dangerously close to smooth jazz. “Paronez” sets up a nice guitar pulse, while “Digil Parker” has a jazzy feel and some bursts of noise. “Ontayso Theme” features some eastern influences.

“Leave It” is the strongest track, thanks to a hip-hop beat. After a while, Wouter Wierda’s saxophone noodling gets tiring. I’d love to hear the Funckens work with a more experimental player. Still, it’s great to hear them expand their repertoire and let up on the murky bass that’s characterized their recent releases.

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