Autechre: Gantz Graf

Warp, 2002

Gantz Graf cover

Yes, it’s good. Especially the second and third tracks (out of three), “Dial” and “Cap.IV” respectively. While the title track is little more than a wall of noise, a cacophony of electronic quasi-feedback, the other two tracks are long, hypnotic journeys. “Dial” builds tension with fast electronic riffs, a rattling beat, and heavily distorted voices. The changes within these elements (and the elements’ intricate interactions) are subtle indeed. Eventually the voices drop out and the electronic burbles crescendo, merging into the beginning of “Cap.IV.” This final track also contains ghost voices and ghost melodies. It’s almost a relief to hear quiet chords in the background (although they’re eventually drowned out by unrelenting beats). It seems that with Confield, Autechre reached a pinnacle of inaccessibility. Perhaps they’re once again dabbling with the land of the living. Or maybe we’re just catching up with them for the briefest moment.

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