AFX: Analord 03 & 04

Rephlex, 2005

While Aphex Twin’s last full-length, Drukqs, was disappointingly inconsistent, his new Analord series of 12-inches marks a return to AFX’s melodic dance origins. “Midievil Rave” [sic] parts 1 and 2 on Analord 03 are straight-up acid, with dense but basic 303 bleeps. “Klopjob” combines squelchier 303 sounds with a simple melody of minor chords. “Crying In Your Face” on Analord 04 is reminiscent of ’80s synthpop with old-school synthesizer sounds, a sweet melody, and robotic vocals. It’s a pleasing late-night track. “Home Made Polysynth” continues in the same vein, adding foreground bleeps and strained synths to quaint beats. “ Breath March” is even simpler, with rumbling loops of old keyboard sounds.

Either Richard D. James is having a serious case of nostalgia, or he’s releasing older material (hence the analogue-sounding name, I suppose). Either way, these are fun tracks. Word is Rephlex will release these in CD form eventually. Since I still haven’t picked up parts 1, 2, or 5, it’s difficult to make generalizations, but I like what I hear so far. AFX is back, way back!

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