2011 in Review

This was another year that saw me buying more old records than new ones, but here are the releases that I returned to repeatedly this year. Special shout-out to Further Records for releasing such quality material.

House/Techno Albums

Resurrection cover

  1. Virgo Four: Resurrection (Rush Hour)
  2. Hieroglyphic Being: The Urantia Project (Further Records)
  3. Moritz von Oswald Trio: Horizontal Structures (Honest Jon’s Records)
  4. Kuba Sojka: Mysterious Intrigue (Mathematics Recordings)
  5. Yard: Celestial Acid (Further Records)
  6. Hieroglyphic Being: Primitif Nous Sommes (Music from Mathematics)
  7. Hieroglyphic Being: Cosmo Rhythmatic (Music from Mathematics)
  8. Vagon Brei: Destiny (Further Records)
  9. Hieroglyphic Being: A Memoir of Life in the Lust (Music from Mathematics)
  10. John Heckle: The Second Son (Mathematics Recordings)
  11. Tevo Howard: Pandora’s Box (Hour House Is Your Rush Records)
  12. Andy Vaz: Straight Vacationing (Yore)
  13. Overcast Sound: Beneath the Grain (Entropy Records)
  14. Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit: Secret Rhythms 4 (Nonplace)
  15. Hieroglyphic Being: Strange Strings (Music from Mathematics)
  16. Jeff Mills: The Power (Axis)
  17. Andy Stott: Passed Me By (Modern Love)
  18. Rick Wilhite: Analog Aquarium (Still Music)
  19. Jeff Mills: 2087 (Axis)
  20. Steffi: Yours & Mine (Ostgut Tonträger)

IDM Albums

  1. Oneohtrix Point Never: Replica (Mexican Summer, Software Records)
  2. NHKyx: yx aka 1ch aka Solo (Skam)
  3. Cayos: Shell Beach (Schematic)
  4. Phoenecia: Demissions (Schematic, Detroit Underground)
  5. Dalglish: Benacah Drann Deachd (Highpoint Lowlife, Record Label Records)


Who Wrote The Rules of Love cover

  1. Omar S presents Colonel Abrams: “Who Wrote The Rules of Love” (FXHE)
  2. Simoncino: Beat the Street EP (Mathematics Recordings)
  3. Floating Points: Shadows (Eglo Records)
  4. Pittsburgh Track Authority: Archipelago (Further Records)
  5. Takeshi Kouzuki: The House of the Rising Sun EP (Mathematics Recordings)
  6. San Laurentino: Traces EP (Mathematics Recordings)
  7. Omar-S: HSG (High School Graffiti) (Scion Audio/Visual)
  8. Area: Youth (Kimochi)
  9. Juju & Jordash: Unleash the Golem Part 1 (Golf Channel Recordings)
  10. Aster: Tormenta Del Desierto EP (Mathematics Recordings)


  1. Physic or Surgery (Highpoint Lowlife)
  2. Gene Hunt Presents Chicago Dance Tracks (Rush Hour Recordings)
  3. From the Vaults: The Definitive Sounds of Prescription Records Vol. 1 (Prescription)
  4. Fac. Dance (Strut)
  5. Elektro Diskow (Mixmag)
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  1. Hi there.
    These are the records I listened to the most in 2011:
    1958-2009 – Live
    Anonymous – Praxis045
    Dalglish – Benacah Drann Deachd
    Death Grips – Ex Military
    Leyland Kirby – Intrigue & Stuff Series
    Krallice – Diotima
    Phoenecia – Demissions
    Surachai – Plague Diagram
    Vatican Shadow – Kneel Before Religious Icons
    Xanopticon – Live@sosimple-darkmatter

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