2008 Top 10

It’s always more fun to review music I’m excited about. Still, I consider it a good year if I covered a majority of my top ten choices as they came out.

This year found me listening to less dub techno and more house. Many familiar artists are exploring classic styles. It’s really something when you can play new Larry Heard and Convextion tracks back to back.

I included CD versions of Theo Parrish and Convextion’s albums here, even though there were preceded by vinyl variations in a past year, but I skipped Newworldaquarium’s The Dead Bears which already placed high on last year’s list. Please feel free to add your own charts as comments.


album covers

  1. Kenny Larkin: Keys, Strings, Tambourines (Planet E)
  2. Theo Parrish: Sound Sculptures Volume 1 (Sound Signature)
  3. Flying Lotus: Los Angeles (Warp Records)
  4. Convextion: Convextion (Down Low)
  5. Claro Intelecto: Metanarrative (Modern Love)
  6. Kettel: Myam James Part 1 (Sending Orbs)
  7. Autechre: Quaristice (Warp Records)
  8. Autechre: Quaristice.Quadrange.ep.ae (Warp Records)
  9. Andy Stott: Unknown Exception (Modern Love)
  10. Shed: Shedding The Past (Ostgut Tonträger)


single covers

  1. Scott Grooves: Technique EP (Natural Midi)
  2. Reggie Dokes: Rain Redemptive Love EP (Philpot)
  3. Omar-S: “The Further You Look – The Less You Will See” (FXHE Records)
  4. Larry Heard: “25 Years from Alpha” (Alleviated Records, Black Market International)
  5. Oliverwho Factory: “Solitaire” (Madd Chaise Inc)
  6. Lowtec: Workshop 06 (Workshop)
  7. VA: Workshop 04 (Workshop)
  8. Louis Guilliaume: Soulpoint II (SD Records)
  9. Fava Beats: Start Stop (±G6pd)
  10. Fava Beats: Tap (±G6pd)


reissue covers

  1. Basic Channel: BCD-2 (Basic Channel)
  2. Gas: Nah Und Fern (Kompakt)
  3. Ron Trent: “Altered States (Original Plates)” (Prescription Classic Recordings)
  4. B12: B12 Records Archive Volume 1 (B12)
  5. Bernard Badie: “Time Reveals” (Mojuba)
  6. Ragtyme feat. Byron Stingily: “I Can’t Stay Away” (Clone Classic Cuts)
  7. Monolake: Hongkong Remastered (Monolake/Imbalance Computer Music)
  8. Model 500: Deep Space (R & S Records)
  9. Model 500: Model 500 Classics (R & S Records)
  10. Florence: US Heritage (Eevo Lute Muzique)
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  1. Overall a fairly weak year. I found myself going back to discover older music for the first time a lot more. Claro’s album was nice and the BC & M 500 reissues were too. I need to give Convextion another listen as well as Flylo. Bought a bunch of fxhe stuff too.

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